Nasce a Napoli nel 1978.

Attualmente vive e lavora tra Napoli e Milano.

Diplomato in Pittura all’Accademia di Belle Arti di Napoli, ha poi frequentato il Master in Photography & Visual Design alla NABA di Milano.

Lavora con diversi media tra cui la fotografia, l'installazione, la performance e il video. Tra le indagini portate avanti vi è la dequalificazione dei beni pubblici e il loro tornare a essere vissuti e valorizzati dai cittadini, il Controspazio come luogo di passaggio tra spazio abitato e in-abitato, i sistemi di potere e il loro linguaggio sottile e ambiguo e lo sviluppo di una narrazione al limite tra realtà e fantasia. Le opere di Scotti vengono spesso accompagnate da parole ed espressioni ironiche e ambivalenti, che mirano a decostruire i luoghi e le visioni comuni, lasciando aperte differenti vie interpretative.

Ha collaborato come disegnatore, illustratore e fotografo a progetti discografici ed editoriali.

Il lavoro dell’artista è stato pubblicato anche in numerose riviste nazionali e internazionali tra cui The Mammoth Reflex, Artribune, l’Espresso, Sette - Corriere della Sera, The Daily Mail, The Telegraph, la Repubblica e WIRED.

Dal 2014 l’artista è parte attiva del progetto fotografico Presente Infinito.


Born in Naples in 1978.

He currently lives and works between Naples and Milan.

Graduated in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, he attended then the Master in Photography & Visual Design at NABA in Milan. He works with different media including photography, installation, performance and video. His artistic research talks about de-qualification of public buildings and properties and the their necessity to become again experienced and valued by the citizens; the Counterspace as a place of transition between inhabited and un-inhabited space; the systems of power and their subtle and ambiguous language and the development of a narrative between reality and fantasy. Scotti's works are often accompanied by ironic and ambivalent words and expressions, which aim to deconstruct the common views, leaving different interpretative ways open.

He collaborated as a draftsman, illustrator and photographer in recording and publishing projects.

The artist's work has also been published in several national and international magazines, including The Mammoth Reflex, Artribune, l'Espresso, Sette - Corriere della Sera, The Daily Mail, The Telegraph, la Repubblica and WIRED.

Since 2014 the artist is an active part of the photographic project Presente Infinito.


I work with photography and installations.

Photography allows me to fill in the gaps between what is and what was, to discover new worlds by exploring old ones. I focus my attention on locations that have either been abandoned or are otherwise absent of humanity. Removing all signs of life from the equation gives me the freedom to reflect not only on the settings I photograph, but also on my deep personal responses to those settings and what they represent to me. More than a quest for historical accuracy, my work presents me with opportunities to imagine what might have happened, both within historical contexts and within my own mind.

All of my photographs are taken with traditional film and make use only of available natural light. Nothing is artificial. To me, this reveals the fundamental relationships between present and past, without filters, digital manipulation, commentaries or any other forms of outside intervention. In a sense, I create blank slates with no interference, portraying these places with complete honesty as I see them, including their dreamlike overtones. While minimizing attempts to influence viewers' opinions, reactions or emotions, I still leave them the options to add their memories and imaginations to the mix. My goal is for others to experience and reflect on the significance and meanings of their surroundings, no matter where they may find themselves, in ways that they perhaps have never experienced or imagined before.